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Philips Philishave HQ55 SuperReflex Cutting Head Triple Pack

  • Replacement Pack of 3 Philips Philishave SuperReflex rotary cutting heads.
  • Genuine Spare Part.


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Philishave Shaver Models:

HQ6405, HQ6415, HQ6423, HQ6445, HQ6605, HQ6613, HQ6640, HQ6645, HQ6675 HQ6695, HQ6696, HQ6831, HQ6842, HQ6843, HQ6849, HQ6853, HQ6854, HQ6859 HQ6863, HQ6868, HQ6874, HQ6879, HQ904, HQ912, HQ914, HQ916

Product Description

Every year your blades travel the height of Mt. Everest... 49 times! After such a workout, even the best materials can lose their edge. Retain your shaver's peak performance - replace heads every 2 years.

Comfortably close
- Lift & Cut shaving technology with blade system.

Lift & Cut shaving system
- Super Lift & Cut shaving technology with dual blade system.

Lift & Cut Heads
The dual blade Lift & Cut system built into Philishave electric shaver lifts hairs to cut comfortably below skin level for a closer shave. First blade lifts, second blade cuts for a comfortable close shave.
Super Lift & Cut Technology  
15 razor-sharp blades for a fast and close shave.
15 Razor Sharp Blades
  15 razor-sharp blades